Monday, May 13, 2013

^ Woman on the Run

I've read all of Lisa Marie Rice's books, and this is one of my favorite. Like "Midnight Run" and "Midnight Man," "Woman on the Run" has an Alpha hero, a former very taciturn SEAL. After witnessing a mob murder, Julia is whisked away by the FBI protective services where she poses as a second grade teacher. Naturally, she meets Sam with whom she has instant attraction, although she cannot read him because he says little and has an impassive face.

Unlike the two "Midnight" books, this one has more of a plot with some minor secondary characters and fewer sexual scenes. The other two books had one sex scene after another, but this is more of a conventional romance. I did not anticipate the twist at the end, and I suspect you won't either. In summary, it is a very satisfying romance.

Woman on the Run

Woman On the Run By Lisa Marie Rice What's a girl to do? Sophisticated urbanite Julia Devaux loves her life. What's not to love? A fabulous job in publishing, wonderful friends, gorgeous apartment, the company of her beautiful though temperamental Siamese cat, Federico Felli

Woman on the Run is one of best selling in Erotica category.

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