Tuesday, May 14, 2013

^ Dirty Girlz GN

I love this book itb is the first one by this pair in years thier previous books bieng kung fu girl and lust in spaceLust In Space there are six stories here all are great but my favorite is rene gades sadly there are no words but it is the story of a school marm in the eighteen hundreds who is taking a bath in a river in the woods when her clothes are washed downstream she is forced to wear chaps boots andand a leather vest nothing else as she heads home she happens on two female indians kissing what happens next is priceless highest recommendation possible warning these are lesbian stories homophobes need not buy this book enjoy

Dirty Girlz GN

A decade after their last raunchfest, Lust In Space, Kono Yaro and Suke Bei return with Dirty Girlz, an all-new collection of lesbo-rrific short stories in many different genres. (No boys allowed!) In the lead story, space cops deal with a planet-wide infestation of a lesbia

Dirty Girlz GN is one of best selling in Erotica category.

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