Wednesday, May 22, 2013

* Foxe Hunt (A Skyler Foxe Mystery, No. 2)

The hunt continues.....
Haley Walsh is such a phenomenal writer that she can keep you waiting in her "to be continued" series. If you read 'Foxe Tail' , then you already knew that Skyler Foxe is the ultimate amatuer sleuth bordering on OCD in regard to finding out the real facts. He questions everything, and that is what makes these stories so interesting and fun. Skyler's character is exposed to reveal his own insecurities about relationships and commitments and you just might find that we can all relate to one or two aspects of those self-questions. When one of Skyler's friends dies in mysterious circumstances, Skyler is on his OCD trail to find out more while juggling a "boyfiend?" relationship that caught him by surprise. Meanwhile, we catch ourselves saying "Skyler, don't be a dumba**, just trust your instincts" or some such phrase (Good job there too, Haley!). I highly recommend reading 'Foxe Tail' first to get more acquainted with Skyler and his friends and to enjoy 'Foxe Hunt' even more, but then...

Foxe Hunt (A Skyler Foxe Mystery, No. 2)

#2 in the Skylar Foxe Mystery Series High school English teacher Skyler Foxe finally hooks up with gorgeous assistant football coach Keith Fletcher. But is the man what he seems to be? Skyler still has his doubts when he spies Keith in some shady circumstances. And there a

Foxe Hunt (A Skyler Foxe Mystery, No. 2) is one of best selling in Erotica category.

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