Wednesday, May 29, 2013

^ The Handsome Squirm

"But it's for the good of the children"...........
This was another great read by the bizarro mastermind Carlton Mellick III. This time around we are introduced to a new society where only the good of the children matter. Imagine being a single man not allowed to go out during school hours for fear of you. This is the new world that our protagonist is set in, he is an established editor that has a unique appetite for sex. This appetite takes him to a place where he never even knew existed but is only a few miles from where he has been living. He gets introduced to a different form of people who have their own unique birthing rituals. One of these includes the father to be ingested by the pregnant mate in order to get nutrients to the babies. This leads to some very weird and unsettling situations for our friend. As always I loved how CM3 ended the book and makes you think about certain choices one might make. Another highly recommended book.

The Handsome Squirm

Like Franz Kafka's The Trial meets an erotic body horror version of The Blob.A man is arrested in the middle of the night. He doesn't know why. He doesn't remember committing any crime. The cops drop him off in a small community in the middle of the woods where a wedding is

The Handsome Squirm is one of best selling in Satire category.

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