Monday, May 13, 2013

>> Maidenhead

It's different, but definitely worth a try.
Maidenhead was raw, exciting, and honest. I found the main character, Myra, a great feat as well. I haven't really read up on too many books like this, but for a first I'm glad I gave this one a try. Berger delved deep into the mind of a teen girl, and as much as the world hates to admit it, sexuality is a big thing during the teenage years-it's the time for experimentation. Nothing was held back; the monologue was explicit, but it was all factual, and surprisingly interesting. I was confused at first by the way two characters seemed to narrate scenes, and because of this it took me awhile to understand anything. But as the story progressed and the characters were revealed, I began to love the strangeness of it. Maidenhead was very original.

I can see why many would find it hard to feel anything for this book, I can even understand why someone would hate it. This book is the truth and crap like this happens every day to teens around the world. Those who will read and love...


Winner of the The Believer Book Award (2012)'Maidenhead is a mesmerizing and important novel, lying somewhere between the wilds of Judy Blume, Girls Gone Wild, and Michel Foucault. It's a thrilling, brilliant, and really hot place to be.' — Sheila Heti, Globe and MailOn a m

Maidenhead is one of best selling in Coming of Age category.

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