Monday, May 20, 2013

>>> Pin-Up Art of Bill Ward

Dangerous curves ahead
Now that Alex Chun's first book on Bill Ward is sold out Fantagraphics have wisely decided there is a market for a cheaper edition. This is not a straight reprint of the original, 'The Glamour Girls of Bill Ward' (ISBN 1560975318) which was a large size portfolio edition, beautifully printed. This current title is much smaller with an edited intro from the original but what looks like a different selection of art. Still good value if you like Bill's art.

Considering that he can only really be considered on the fringes of quality girly art it is amazing that three books of his output have been published in the last three years. Ward claims to have drawn thousands of pin-ups over the years so I expect there will be more titles in the future.

The two from Fantagraphics are good but Eric Kroll's The Wonderful World of...

Pin-Up Art of Bill Ward

A collection of 1950s & 1960s pin-up art spotlighting the inimitable creator of Torchy.The Pin-Up Art of Bill Ward continues Fantagraphics' dedication to showcasing the best of the classic pin-up artists

Pin-Up Art of Bill Ward is one of best selling in Individual Artists category.

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