Saturday, May 25, 2013

> Comfort Object

Doms with way too much anger
What I liked: well written story with mostly interesting characters.

What I didn't like: The anger in the Dom.

I've read two of this authors stories so far and both show a 'broken' dom and a 'broken' sub. His need to dominate comes from a well of anger and her need to submit comes from a place of, I dont know, insecurity? In both of the books of Annabel Joseph's that I've read, the Dom and the sub need some serious time on a psychiatrists couch.

The Dom/sub relationship is supposed to be based on trust. The strength of a sub is in her ability to give over control to her Dom. The strength of a Dom is his ability to take into his possession that control and keep his sub safe.

Annabel Joseph's Dom/sub relationships have no basis in the beauty of that kind of trust and it never develops. Its abuse, pure and simple.

And in no way would I call her books romantic....I kept hoping that at some point the Dom's would redeem themselves but...

Comfort Object

Nell, an out-of-work professional submissive, is desperate to find a job when she meets handsome film star Jeremy Gray at the restaurant where she works. He says he needs a personal assistant, but the work contract he shows her details not organizational duties, but sexual o

Comfort Object is one of best selling in Erotica category.

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