Thursday, January 17, 2013

> Six

Harmony is a moral, upstanding citizen. She is professional with a capital "P" and it shows. Well, it shows until her annual get-together with her college friends. Once a year, tight laced and seemingly innocent Harmony and her college friends get together for a no holds barred sexual odyssey. Nothing is taboo or forbidden. Boundaries are pushed and pleasure is obtained.

There is just one tiny problem. Harmony is seriously involved with Aiden. She might even LOVE him. He does not know about her annual trips and Harmony is beside herself with trepidation having to tell him where she is going. When he suggests accompanying her, Harmony agrees but remains afraid of Aiden's reaction to the hedonistic and mind blowing sexual journey they are about to embark upon.

Sexual journey is a mild euphemism for the extremely erotic love scenes plotted in Six by Opal Carew. The plot is a good one; sexually adventurous characters often are a favorite of mine. Sexually...


Finalist, Passionate Plume Finalist, Golden Quil Harmony leads a secret life.  On the surface, she's a respectable, straight-laced professional.  But once a year, she reunites with her old college friends--the infamous Group of Six--for a decadent sexual free-for-all.  He

Six is one of best selling in Erotica category.

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