Friday, June 7, 2013

> Promises Linger

4 1/2 stars - really steamy and really super read
This is my first book by Sarah McCarty and it won't be my last. I'd heard really good things about her books and finally decided to give her a try. The uninitiated should understand that this is an erotic romance (which seemed to be a problem for some reviewers) so explicit language and sex are to be expected. But there's also a wonderful alpha hero and a nice supporting storyline to go along. I'm not a big reader of western romances but I really enjoyed this one set in 1868 Wyoming Territory.

Elizabeth Coyote, desperate to hang onto the family ranch after her father's death, offers a deal to gunslinger Asa MacIntyre. He promises to do all he can to bring the ranch back from the brink of bankruptcy and in exchange she will become his wife. Given his ruthless reputation and his imposing physical presence, Elizabeth feels certain he is the man to keep her home solvent and protected, surely to thrive in future. While she's comfortable with her choice for the ranch's...

Promises Linger

Promises Linger By Sarah McCarty 1868 Wyoming Territory Elizabeth Coyote will do anything, anything at all, to save the ranch she loves, including marrying Asa MacIntyre, a broad shouldered, lean hipped silver eyed gunslinger with a ruthless reputation for getting the job do

Promises Linger is one of best selling in Erotica category.

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