Tuesday, June 4, 2013

~ Bike Boy Rides Again

Five New Adventures for Bike Boy
Zack (aka Oliver Frey) is a Swiss born illustrator and writer whose background in film making serves him well in creating the upbeat stories presented in his ongoing comic books grouped under the title of BIKE BOY. He has taken gay erotic comics to a new level and his solid exposure to such British magazines as HIM International, on television series such as `Queer as Folk' and on Internet blogs.

Bruno Gmünder Verlag adds another dimension to Zack's work, allowing him the luxury of the best in paper and color saturation and layout. There are five stories in this new edition of the adventures of Bike Boy - in the first one he gives rides to a newly 18 year old latino and gives him the birthday he'll not likely forget; in the second Bike Boy is part of a Roman orgy in `Message to the Emperor' that gives new dimensions to the concept of `Roman orgy'; in `Funfair Surprise' Bike Boy does more than meet the clowns; in `Champ's Party' we go back to 1948 with Bike Boy as a...

Bike Boy Rides Again

A second spring for Zack! In the 70s his lustful and imaginative work was published in many gay magazines. Last year Bruno Gmunder released Bike Boy, a collection of extensively re-colored stories, which became a bestseller right away. No wonder after all, since Zack is not

Bike Boy Rides Again is one of best selling in Erotica category.

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